Failing your driving test? Everything you need to know.

Failing your driving test is not a disgrace!Try again.

 You have been failing your driving test, don’t worry or take your failure to heart instead learn from your mistakes and don’t repeat them. The most common causes for driving test failure are nervousness or anxiety because people often tend to get nervous when thinking of driving tests.

Of course, these are not only the factors behind failing your test but lack of preparation and many other reasons can also be the cause of the failure. According to test researchers, most people fail their test in the first run.

Factors contributing to failing your driving test:

  • Not looking at the junctions while turning left or right.
  • Incorrect signaling or positioning of the vehicle.
  • Not responding to traffic lights properly.
  • Not using your rearview mirrors or side mirrors, especially when approaching a junction or going reverse.
  • Not using proper positioning of the vehicle either driving too close to a vehicle or too far and not maintaining proper distance can result in such a failure.
  • Not having proper control of the steering wheel can also result in failure.

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What to do?

Here are some things that you can do if you fail your test:


Yes, this may sound absurd but don’t stress over it, instead take your time and practice. Some people tend to take two steps either they book their test immediately or some take their time and practice again and again until they are satisfied with the results.

Take the second step because it is a reliable option don’t book your test immediately and you may fail again.

Stay on the road:

As we all know failing the test can be discouraging but let that discourage you instead stay on the road with a reliable family member or friend.  Because the more you will stay off the road it will increase your nervousness and anxiety. So stay on the road and practice it till your anxiety goes away.

Ask your examiner:

Yes, ask your examiner about their opinion and ask them about the reasons why you failed. In fact, it’s the best thing to do so that you can work on your mistakes before giving your test.

And also it’s the examiner’s duty to ensure that everyone who passes their test is a safe and competent driver and to let people know of their mistakes. 

Do this as soon as you get your test so that you have more time to practice the mistakes you made and ensure that it does not happen again.

Practice :

Yes, practice as much as you can so that you repeat your mistakes again. And as I already know practice really does a man perfect.

If you failed while doing a specific maneuver, request an entire session from your instructor. if you failed to detect the signals revise the entire highway code.

Reebook your test:

Rebook your test the same as you booked your first one. Or whenever you feel ready to rebook your test. Look for available slots and book your test.

Delaying can cause increased nerves and worry, so if you feel that what you failed on is fairly achievable with practice, then it’s worth getting a date set sooner rather than later.

 Additionally, your practical test must be taken within two years of your theory test, so it’s even more important to get it booked. Check for cancellations regularly if there are no appointments available.

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Consider these points:

The Written Part of the Exam: 

Most states limit the written portion of the exam to 20 questions. If you miss more than five answers, you fail the test. Most people fail the permit test on their first attempt around 35% of the time.

 Ask the person who administered the exam which questions you got wrong. Understanding the rules of the road will help you determine what you need to brush up on.

If you get to know which points or questions you got wrong, brush up on them or remember the answers the next time you appear for your exam, however, it is unlikely you will get the same questions every time but it will help you the next time when you will appear for your exam. 

So instead of focusing too much on your mistakes, prepare for other things also because if you will then you will have difficulty the next time your exam comes around.

So what should be the approach to studying for your driving license exam? Read everything from the core and try to capture everything you can and keep it in your mind.

And try to practice as much as you can from practice tests or mock tests because the test is made up of a hundred possible questions so it’s better to just practice and practice.

This will help you pinpoint the wrong answers when taking practice tests since most quizzes contain the answers.


If you have been failing your driving test don’t be discouraged. This will allow you to work on your mistakes and make you prepare for your next test. Be consistent to learn from your mistakes. Practice them as much as you can so you don’t repeat them again.

Ask your examiner about what mistakes you made and be persistent on what to do next.

Relax and don’t get nervous book your test as soon as you are comfortable giving it again. Practice as much as you can so you will for sure pass the test.


What happens if you fail your driving test in California 3 times?

In the event that you fail the driving test three times, your application is no longer valid and you need to reapply. As long as your driving record doesn’t include any collisions or traffic violations, you may drive alone once you receive your provisional license.

How many times can you fail your driving test in Australia?

Thus, you have time to get in a few more lessons and shake off your nerves. If you fail three or more times, you must wait 29 days before taking the next test. In such a case, you’ll need that time to correct your mistakes.

How many times can you take the Illinois driving test?

Walk-ins are accepted at the Secretary of State Facilities for the driving exam. After paying the application fee for the driver’s license, you have three chances to pass the test.

What happens if you fail the driver’s test 3 times in Missouri?

You can retake the test as soon as the next business day if you fail. You will have to take additional behind-the-wheel training if you fail the test three times.

How many fails Are you allowed on driving tests?

You must have 15 or fewer Driving Test faults and no serious or dangerous faults to pass your Practical Driving Test.

How long after failing a driving test can I take the next one?

Before booking another driving test, you must wait 10 working days. The rest of the process is exactly the same as booking your first driving test (or your second or third or fourth).