Test Drive With Two Feet? How To Drive Best?

test drive with both feet

You can drive with two feet. However, Drivers of automatic cars typically use only their right foot to operate either the brake or accelerator pedal. For some drivers, the left foot is used for the brake, and the right foot is used to operate the accelerator. People might wonder if driving with both feet is legal?/what is a test drive two feet

However, there are no such laws for driving with one foot or both feet. A driver can drive with their own choice to either drive with one foot or both feet. Using your left foot is an effective and efficient method to stop, slow down, and have control of your vehicle. It may not be a good idea to practice driving with both feet.

Learn how to drive best.

Driving with both feet, provide quicker access to the brakes in an emergency situation, according to some drivers. There are, however, potential hazards associated with using both feet. 

Problems you may face while driving (both feet):

You can run into a number of problems if you are driving with two feet.

Here is the list of difficulties you may face:

  • Accidentally pressing both pedals in an emergency situation
  • Unwanted braking or acceleration
  • Compromised fuel economy
  • Your focus on driving might be compromised, if you drive with both feet, you can get confused between the clutch pedal and brake pedal

Nowadays most instructors may not look for your technique driving on a test drive They just examine what the candidate is concerned with

1. obeying laws.

2. Not harming pedestrians

3. High level of vehicle control and prioritizing safety.


A driver shouldn’t hold two pedals. Modern cars are manufactured in such a way, the slightest touch to the brake pedal can activate the braking system. However, It may damage the car’s braking system, if the brake leathers remain constantly in contact with the tire. When your left foot is on the brake pedal.


In modern cars, brake lights are activated with the slightest push of the brake pedal with your foot. If your foot is even gently resting on the brake pedal, such pressure is enough to activate brake lights. On a test drive with two feet, if your examiner notices, the candidate is actuating brake lights. It may result in a failure of your test.

Baking and Accelerating at the same time in an automatic car: 

driving an automatic car  with both feet

Braking and accelerating at the same time in an automatic car. Might cause you to fail your test if done in excess. Using both pedals at the same time can increase the penalties of brake wear and fuel consumption. Also, it may result in unstable control over your vehicle.

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The best possible method to drive your car is using the right-foot driving method.

The brake and gas pedals are so confusing. With the right-foot driving method, the driver can reach the brake pedal faster.

 Many drivers, use the left foot for braking while the right foot for accelerating will lag a foot on the brake. A loss of control over the vehicle may occur if both pedals are pressed simultaneously. On slippery surfaces, drivers often lose control due to the torque created by one pedal fighting the other. This can endanger both the safety of the public, examiners administering the driving test, and also candidates taking the test.


The best effective way to drive your car is using only the right foot to accelerate. While the left foot is on rest. As above mentioned if using both feet can compromise your fuel average, vehicle stability, and unwanted brakes in an emergency situation. Personally, I use the left foot technique in an urban while the right foot on high-speed highway drives.


Can you use 2 feet to drive?

There is no law that prohibits driving with both feet. Driving with both feet is sometimes the best option. Then why do we think it’s wrong to do so? Mostly, it’s about comfort

Why can’t I use 2 feet to drive?

A common reason why automatic car drivers still use one foot is that, if they use both feet and accidentally step on both pedals at the same time, they can seriously damage their car — specifically, putting stress on their torque converters, transmissions, and brakes.

Can you drive an automatic car with two feet?

With an automatic, you don’t need to use your left foot since there is no clutch. You can use your right foot to operate both the accelerator and brake pedals. It’s safer this way. When using both feet, you might get confused about which one to use.

Do u drive with 1 or 2 feet (0.61 meters)?

Automatic car drivers should use only one foot, the right foot. The best practice is to move the right foot from the accelerator to the brake pedal.

Why do you only use 1 foot to drive?

Due to the fact that you usually only need one accelerator or brake at a time, using the same foot prevents confusion. Left-foot braking can cause erratic control if both feet press both pedals simultaneously

Can you drive if you can’t use your legs?

You should use a ring accelerator and brake lever. Ring accelerators can be mounted either behind or in front of the steering wheel. Your fingers and thumbs are used to push or pull the ring, while your fingers are used to rotate it, depending on the type of ring you have fitted.

Is it OK to drive with two legs?

It is technically legal to drive with both feet. However, driving would be more challenging since the driver might encounter some roadblocks. You may drive a car with a manual transmission, a standard transmission, a right-hand drive car, or a car with a right-foot brake.